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The aftercare that follows your massage treatment is as important as the treatment itself. After your massage you may experience some healing crisis, such as dizziness, fatigue, joint or muscles aches and intense emotional states. They are beneficial to your body so don’t worry, they are normal.

It is advisable that you drink a sufficient amount of water. This will help eliminate all the toxins from the body that have been released during the massage and to help stop you becoming dehydrated.

For the following 24-48hours after a massage treatment, only eat a light diet.  Don’t drink alcohol and stimulants with caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drink and try to avoid nicotine, as your body needs time and energy to get rid of all the toxins that have been released because of the massage. Eating heavy or processed food within that 24-48 hour period takes away vital energy from that toxicity-flush out your body is currently processing – resulting in an unfinished treatment.

You have just relaxed yourself after having a massage and you don’t want to undo all the good work you have done. Instead drink plenty of water, fruit juice or herbal tea. Give your body a chance to take a rest for its usual routine and let it catch up. 

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Please note: You can take comfort in the knowledge that the breasts and genital areas of the body are NEVER massaged. Body & Mind Temple is operated as a purely holistic and therapeutic business, registered with the UK’s leading complementary therapies body and governing councils who provide protection and knowledge for their customers and staff of the therapy businesses alike. I offer help and bodywork therapy to people suffering with varying levels of pain, discomfort, muscular & skeletal problems, anxiety and discomfort as well as other medical conditions that can be alleviated with bodywork therapy, with the express intention of giving restorative aid to help reduce their debilitating symptoms. If you have browsed my website with the hope of finding a massage service that provides ‘extras’, then you will be sorely disappointed, I run a wholesome business and politely suggest you leave.