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  • Why should I drink water after massage?
    The body builds up metabolic wates and various toxins that get trapped and stored in soft tissues. These wastes are extracted from tissues and pushed into the blood stream and lymphatic system during a massage. Drinking water helps flush these wastes out of the body. Not drinking water may cause headache from all the toxins and allow them to resettle within your body as internal waste once again. Make sure you drink at least one 16oz botle of water after your massage.


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Please note: You can take comfort in the knowledge that the breasts and genital areas of the body are NEVER massaged. Body & Mind Temple is operated as a purely holistic and therapeutic business, registered with the UK’s leading complementary therapies body and governing councils who provide protection and knowledge for their customers and staff of the therapy businesses alike. I offer help and bodywork therapy to people suffering with varying levels of pain, discomfort, muscular & skeletal problems, anxiety and discomfort as well as other medical conditions that can be alleviated with bodywork therapy, with the express intention of giving restorative aid to help reduce their debilitating symptoms. If you have browsed my website with the hope of finding a massage service that provides ‘extras’, then you will be sorely disappointed, I run a wholesome business and politely suggest you leave.